We are essentially an Inbound Tour Operator for India with a vision and a great degree of responsibility. We believe in making you friends of India forever. We are a young team with innovative approach, with years experience in the Indian tourism & hospitality industry. As the words Tour Operator indicate, our basic responsibilities do include tailoring the entire package for groups and individuals with its elements like hotel bookings, transportation (all kind of vehicles), quality language speaking guides, air & train tickets, etc. This is done by every tour operator anyway, however where we excel over others is the way we offer value for the package with a lot of careful thinking and meticulous studies that go behind the final itinerary before it is presented to you. These planning could also mean to take into consideration the ongoing fairs and festivals; full moon or no moon; your personal eating habits; your birthday; any nostalgic connection that you might have; your own preferences and expectations and a lot more...! A guest coming to India through us is surely going to come back over and over again apart from inspiring many others to do the same.

Our forte, apart from normal cultural tours, is to deal in different special interest tours - be it wildlife; tea garden tours; ayurveda & rejuvenation; bird-watching, trekking and nature tours; agricultural tours! India has them all and we can organize them all.

In the following lie our strengths

  Customizations of the itinerary to the minutest details suiting your needs
  Very quick responses complete in every manner
  A constant follow-up of your tour while it is going on
  In case of something not up to your satisfaction, immediate alternative is offered
  Going out of the way to make your tour a memorable one
  Quality consciousness, quantity comes next
  Service with a smile, warmth and personal touch
  Dissemination of correct information and news on time

For us, you are one of us, one of our friends or family members, we make you feel that India is yet another home away from your own! In fact this is the beauty of our country and you would always be made to feel that way, wherever you go! So, with open arms India Welcomes You!

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